Self Employment Financial Plan

Welcome to your Self Employment Financial Plan

(This questionnaire is a small extract of The New4P™Business Success System designed by Edith). Edith believes that in order to succeed financially most  9 to 5 jobs won't get you to your destination; you'll need a lucrative self-employment job that can provide unlimited income. This is why she added a self-employment component to personal financial planning from her Business Success formula, for individuals thinking about self-employment.


Your business has a mind, heart, and soul and you are the driving force behind your business. A healthy business has all the components aligned to produce the maximum potential. For business growth, the goal is to understand how to accelerate individual and organizational performance, grow your customer base using innovative modern marketing methods, better customer acquisition and retention, marketability, brand awareness, and competitive advantage.


In order for a company to be successful, the roots of the company have to be strong. Hence the business owner, and the key players in the company, and the strategies to locate your model customer are a vital considerations. A strong company will no doubt survive and adapt to changes in its market and industry, and continue to build on the right business models, to experience sustainable brand and increasing sales.


Here is the self-employment Quiz. Take your time and answer these questions:



Let’s get started on your journey to get your self-employment entity in peak performance – the Self Employment  Financial Map will be emailed to you.


This is for you if you are a sales professional or  planning on becoming self-employed or if you already have a business in the start-up phase. For in-depth assistance on growing your business you can visit for Edith's Advanced Business Success System - TheNew4P™. The site ( is under construction - so you could check back in a few months.

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1. What was your original mission and vision when you started your career/business? How has it changed?

2. Could you tell me how have you helped yourself and/or your team achieve this mission and vision?

3. How much does the organization (a job or your own business) need you?

4. How much do you need the organization (this job or business)?

5. What is it you want to change, and why?

6. If you're already in business, do you have full understanding of where you could cut costs, re-brand your business image and make changes to keep your business lean, strong and scale to its best potential? If you did not start a business yet, do you need help in these areas?

7. If you already have a business, what do you think is driving your business in a direction that you believe needs to change?

8. What career roles or responsibilities do you enjoy and feel you’re good at?

9. What would you say are your best strengths?

10. What obstacles or challenges do you feel could come your way to block your strengths?

11. How could you work with these challenges - mentioned above - and experience your new narrative using grit and determination?

12. What past experiences can you draw from to help you make a pivot?

13. What matters the most to you in your professional life? What do you believe passionately in?

14. What is one step you could take now, to get you closer to your career goal? What kind of development or opportunities might you need to make that step? What opportunities can you create by yourself?

15. Imagine you’ve just ended the perfect week at work or your business. What outcomes make you proudest?

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