The Process

All our clients go through a quick process to create a MasterPlan™. We set up a one-on-one meeting with our prospective clients to brainstorm their Financial Map to create their MasterPlan™.  As we share your Plan with you, we walk you through it, and answer all your questions before you commit to anything. When you’re ready, we put your plan into action. The compilation and follow-up process are keys to the success of the Plan, and the success of the client. The process is developed as follows:

Determine your situation

Assess your current situation by getting an inventory of your assets and liabilities, expenses and income, investments and savings plans, insurance, tax situation, wills, powers of attorney, etc.

Evaluate your financial goals

Get to know you and what is important in your life – your goals and priorities. This forms the foundation of your Plan, and is unique to you.

Assess your financial risks

Liaison with the right Financial Professional partner who will help you consider different models to accomplish your goals and evaluate the pros and cons of each. This will help you make more effective and satisfying decisions.

Create your Financial Plan

Based on your goals and your current situation, strategies, timeline, how to balance out needs vs ability to fulfil needs, etc. will be recommended to meet your goals.

Implement Your Financial Plan

While it may seem obvious that implementing your plan is a crucial part of the financial planning process, it can often be the most neglected part. Edith will assist in the implementation and provide oversight, if desired; as well as help you with the motivation and understanding needed to keep on-track.

Review & Revise Plan

Life is always changing, so reviewing your Plan regularly is important. Your MasterPlan™ will provide the basis for adapting to changes throughout your life and for the ongoing decisions that are inevitable. And Edith will remain with you for a minimum of two years to help you keep on track and provide time-tested strategies; and advice with the help of the Financial Professional partner in each category of your Plan.

Why Our Process Is Effective

Building your Financial Plan is a process that eventually leads to the products:

  • The discussion starts with your values, goals and priorities.
  • During the discussion you get a better understanding of where you are.
  • A plan for short-term goals, and medium and long terms goals are made clearer.
  • A plan is set in place to keep you on track, while providing a cushion when life presents challenges.
  • A plan to allocate your money seamlessly amongst competing demands is arranged.
  • A plan for shortfall – a deficit between income & expense – to increase your income and reduce expenses on utility bills is decided.
  • Your final plan is unique to you, and resonates with how you’d like to move forward. 
  • At this point you’re ready to evaluate and compare products, features and benefits.

Edith is committed to your success, and help you focus on the things you can control and the things that matter most. You will have a peace of mind that you are now better prepared for the future. 

For example, you may need help with:

  • Balancing your spending and saving.
  • Improve or replace some habits and relationship with money.
  • Knowing if you can afford to retire, and how much you will need.
  • Making sure your investments are performing the way they should.
  • Trying to reduce the amount of tax you pay.
  • Repair your credit or increase your credit score.
  • And other financial questions or concerns…

Working alongside each Financial Professional in their area of expertise, you obtain advice on the particular area of concern. The current phase in your life will often determine what your most pressing areas are. An estimate will be provided on how you’ll distribute your money for the different financial products recommended in your  MasterPlan™ . When working with Edith – a Financial Success Coach –  there is no worry about conflict of interest because she works with an array of financial companies and teams to serve your interest. And if you’re like most people, after knowing what you should do, the hardest part is following through – but good thing you have Edith. She’s like your personal trainer to coach you and help you implement the Plan and follow through. So whether your struggle is to stick to a budget, or crush your debt or make things better or faster, Edith will help. 

If getting control of your money has been an issue that has been sitting on your to-do list way too long, make today the day that everything changes.

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