The Quickest Financial Plan For Success

You know WHERE you want to be, and you might know your WHY. It is the HOW and the WHEN that’s daunting. It’s time for clarity and the GPS to your destination.

Are you constantly worrying about whether you can afford the life you want?

Guarantee The Life You Deserve Without
Money Getting in The Way

Get a MasterPlan™ built for your success. 

Bottom-line: Financial Industry statistics shows the underlying reason for lack of financial independence is lack of planning or no planning.

Coincidence? I think not.

If you don’t plan to succeed, by default you have already sealed a dismal financial future…

The difference between financial success and financial failure is successful money management. A MasterPlan™ shows you how to manage and master your money using a simple customized financial plan.  

Having a financial plan is not about being a proud owner of a complicated spreadsheet. It’s much more meaningful and practical than that.

To have a financial plan is to have a MasterPlan™ for your life – The customized plan for financial success.

If you’ve tried too many times to get your money right, and it’s just not working out… I can help.

Skip trial and error.

And use my proven method instead.

I will help you create a financial MasterPlan™ that shows you exactly what you can do to stop dreaming about the life you want and start living it.

Every part of the Plan is actionable and tailored to your specific situation. It shows you what you can do with what you have and what else you need to equip yourself with to keep moving forward.

Best of all? Working with me is FREE. (Find out why)…

What you actually invest your money in, are all the financial growth products integrated in your MasterPlan™.

What You Get 

  1. A financial success plan that is based on all your current finances and goals, and gives you a clear, actionable, path to where you want your finances to be and what you want to look like.
  2. A guide by your side (me). I have a customer policy of following-up with my clients for the first two years at no-charge.
  3. Life-time access to knowledge databases. You’ll receive financial education, self-employment growth education, mindset tools, and a wealth of knowledge in my Virtual Library at no charge.
  4. Access to companies that will help you save more money, increase your income, help you pay off your debt, repair your credit, and more, at preferred rates.

Stop telling yourself you’re working on your dream life and get a plan that shows
you the exact way to achieve what you desire.

 How Your Life Will Change With a MasterPlan™

A month from today, you can be:

  • Nothing more than a month older…OR
  • On your way to building the life you deserve.



Stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Start living comfortably and conveniently.

Stop feeling anxious about affording what you want.

Start being completely self aware and confident about your finances.

Stop feeling stuck in your life.

Start having options and freedom of choice.

Gain Control of Your Financial Future… For You and Your Family

Secure your dreams, goals and vision with a  MasterPlan™

Don’t waste any more time:

  • With abstract and intangible intentions that keep your dreams at an unreachable distance.
  • Being uncertain how to turn your ideas and desires into your reality.
  • Getting stressed trying to figure out things for yourself.
  • Approaching your dreams in a piecemeal way rather than with a fool-proof and well-studied strategy.

What you need is an action plan that works for you. A MasterPlan™. The Financial Success Plan. 


The MasterPlan™ is a turn-key financial success system, built on a first-class holistic process to secure financial success, for the individual and their family.

It is a holistic end-to-end plan; one that is simple to manage and easy to tweak as your life changes. It takes the stress away from constant accountability or neglect.

A solid financial plan includes income protection, risk management, financial management, retirement planning, investment management, self-employment income, tax planning, estate planning and more – with strategies mapped out at the right time, and in the amounts you can afford at a given time in your life.

As a Financial Success Coach, my job is to help you learn proven techniques for financial planning to get you to your goals.

For Personal Finance, Edith has an impeccable reputation of delivering on her promises. She brings a genuine enthusiasm to her work and exudes Confidence and Competence. Her empathy for others, shows that she cares and has a Passion for what she does.  

Rich Lee, New Jersey

Years ago when I started my company Edith played a key role in advisement and creating streamlined processes that would standardize practices across my enterprise, not only for then but for the future. This has given much leverage in taking charge of my business and watch it grow continuously year after year. She has a gift to see the big picture and resolve issues diligently and quickly. 

People’s Environmental, Inc (Engineer firm)

Dipo H. Aka-Bashorun - President

Manifest Your Desires in 3 Simple Steps

I only wish I had met Edith and worked with her from the beginning of my 20 years in business, we would have saved tremendous effort and time. Within less than a year with us Edith transformed our company’s financials by implementing a new streamlined system that has brought the simplicity, efficiency and productivity that we absolutely needed. Edith gave my business the personalized attention that is second to none. I highly recommend her service.

JJ Falk Design LLC (Architectural Interior Design firm)

Jacqueline (JJ) Falk - Managing Principal

Edith is a trustworthy, knowledgeable and customer-focused financial advisor. She has helped me tremendously throughout the years.  She continuously keeps up-to-date on how we are tracking towards our plan and makes consultative suggestions when needed. With her support and expertise, I’m thrilled to have worked with Edith and would definitely recommend her to others!

Rick Rubin, Audacy Operations Inc.

Account Executive - Sales

Edith consults for the managers at my workplace and they rely greatly on her finance and accounting expertise. She has helped them a great deal and they always ask her to return and assist with future projects. She’s also quite friendly and personable. I highly recommend her!

Steve Wexler (Employee of IT Company)

Helpdesk Technician at VR Networks Inc. Creative Manager at

Why is Working With Me Free? 

If you want a MasterPlan™  to solidy financial success for yourself or your family

I gain zero dollars from you when I help you put the MasterPlan™ together, because I consult with the companies that have the financial growth products that will help you make and save more money.

These companies pay me to help you, and you pay them or invest in their products that are included in the MasterPlan™ .

Other Personal Financial Success Coaches or Personal Financial Planners charge a fee for the help they give you, plus the financial products.

I don’t do that because I’m not in this for myself alone, I’m in this to help you succeed as a partner would.

Edith Flowers is a straight-shooter. In a world that is over-run with marketing and sales pitches, Edith takes the time to plan out the steps, set the goals, analyze what works for each individual business and makes progress happen for you. She is equally encouraged by your success as she is her own. She wants everyone to achieve the profits they deserve. Sincerity and passion. Everyone should work with Edith Flowers. 

Clear-cut Direction (Coaching Company)

Lea Oglesby - CEO

Be Part of The Unique Club of People 

Who Are “Smart With Money”

Reveal What’s Been Holding You Back

“Oh, he/she is smart with money”

Let me tell you from experience – people who receive that compliment wear it like a badge of honor.

You don’t want to miss out on being part of the elite club of people who are good with money.


Because those people are the ones who get things done.

And listen, a financial plan is only as good as the person executing it.

So I’m going to make sure you’ve got what it takes to get that compliment.

Not just for the social glamour, but so that you can actually check off your goals and start creating new ones.

So how can I help you?

I study your behaviors and identify all the risks surrounding you and your family or you and your self-employment operation.

I then construct an iron clad Plan to ensure the highest probability for financial success.

The MasterPlan™ reveals the driving force(s) behind your financial habits, and uncovers the things that have held you back from being consistent with your financial journey.

With this, you will be able to make the lifestyle changes necessary to become financially independent.

I work with Edith Flowers on a regular basis with regards to the collection of funds from clients that have used our assets for marketing and advertising purposes. This is my 31st year in the business, and it is my distinct pleasure to work with her as a trusted and capable colleague. Her work ethic, character, willingness to help, and knowledgebase in the finance arena are unmatched. Additionally, she is trustworthy and reliable. Based on the 2+ years of me working with her, I would highly recommend her to any position that she deems worthy of applying to and/or dedicating her time to.

Greg Hughes, Audacy Operations Inc.

Director of Strategic Marketing

Edith has been consulting with our firm over seven years now. She brings a dynamic approach to entrepreneurship to deliver clear, precise and fast results. Edith is very knowledgeable, dependable, trustworthy and quick. I don’t know what we would do without her. Every change in the business requires flexibility, care and insight to develop new, effective and scale-able system and we can always count on her to go above and beyond our expectation. As a valuable part of our outsourced finance team, she helps our company evaluate and execute alternate ways to measure cost, growth and profitability to meet our goals. She is definitely a partner throughout these years of our growth.   

VR Networks Inc. (IT firm)

Sana Hameed - President

7 Ways You Will Grow Your Wealth with MasterPlan™

More money means more room to get things done.

A MasterPlan™ will help you make, save, and invest your money in alignment with your goals.

Here are a few ways it will tangibly help you do that:

  1. Save up to 50% on utility bills.
  2. Fix any credit issues you have so that you can qualify for low interest rates when you purchase a home.
  3. Gain knowledge on how to start a self-employment income stream, or streamline your existing business, so that you can earn more income. 
  4. Discover how to use financial knowledge to create a successful lifestyle that helps you stay ahead.
  5. Grow wealth faster than before using the right combination and portfolio where your money is working harder for you instead of you working harder for money.
  6. Increase your net worth year after year.
Let’s Connect To Find Out If We Are The Right Fit Before You Commit To Anything. I Am Ready To Build Your Personal Financial Independence

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