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Testimonials & Recommendations

While working with and helping individuals, families and entrepreneurs, over the years, I noticed that people with in-depth knowledge of how money works and how to manage their income are the ones who are planning for financial freedom. I realized that there is absolutely nothing wrong with working a “9 to 5” job, because for many people this type of career brings them satisfaction. However, for the most part, people involved in entrepreneurship (self-employment) are the ones who are having greater success with unlimited income. And they thrive financially especially when they have a strategic plan that streamlines their time and drives their passion. This is why I highly recommend my clients to have a self-employment job they are passionate about, if their conventional 9 to 5 job is not working financially for them. For the same reason, I also focus on the habits, mindset and passion of the individual, both in their personal life and personal business (self-employment) model, to guarantee success of their MasterPlan . It is the passion of the individual that drives the Financial Success Plan into maturity and stability. 


Deployment of the MasterPlan helps an individual manifest their financial dreams both as a person with or without a business, and no matter how much they are currently earning.  As a Coach my goal is to help you materialize what you envision, and I do this with the administration of a customized Plan – the MasterPlan.  I  connect deeply with people I work with,  and help them manifest their truest potential for stronger financial future in their personal life and in their entrepreneur model.  

Edith has been consulting with our firm over seven years now. She brings a dynamic approach to entrepreneurship to deliver clear, precise and fast results. Edith is very knowledgeable, dependable, trustworthy and quick. I don’t know what we would do without her. Every change in the business requires flexibility, care and insight to develop new, effective and scale-able system and we can always count on her to go above and beyond our expectation. As a valuable part of our outsourced finance team, she helps our company evaluate and execute alternate ways to measure cost, growth and profitability to meet our goals. She is definitely a partner throughout these years of our growth.   

VR Networks Inc. (IT firm)

Sana Hameed - President

I only wish I had met Edith and worked with her from the beginning of my 20 years in business, we would have saved tremendous effort and time. Within less than a year with us Edith transformed our company’s financials by implementing a new streamlined system that has brought the simplicity, efficiency and productivity that we absolutely needed. Edith gave my business the personalized attention that is second to none. I highly recommend her service.

JJ Falk Design LLC (Architectural Interior Design firm)

Jacqueline (JJ) Falk - Managing Principal

For Personal Finance, Edith has an impeccable reputation of delivering on her promises. She brings a genuine enthusiasm to her work and exudes Confidence and Competence. Her empathy for others, shows that she cares and has a Passion for what she does.  

Rich Lee, New Jersey

Edith has strong financial analytical and development skills which helped our company immensely in our constant assessment, improvement and integration of our business model. I’m confident she will be able to make an immediate as well as positive impact on any organization.

GRB Environmental, Inc (Engineer firm)

Maria Tamburro - Operations Director

Years ago when I started my company Edith played a key role in advisement and creating streamlined processes that would standardize practices across my enterprise, not only for then but for the future. This has given much leverage in taking charge of my business and watch it grow continuously year after year. She has a gift to see the big picture and resolve issues diligently and quickly. 

People’s Environmental, Inc (Engineer firm)

Dipo H. Aka-Bashorun - President

Edith consults for the managers at my workplace and they rely greatly on her finance and accounting expertise. She has helped them a great deal and they always ask her to return and assist with future projects. She’s also quite friendly and personable. I highly recommend her!

Steve Wexler (Employee of IT Company)

Helpdesk Technician at VR Networks Inc. Creative Manager at

I’ve worked with Edith for about eight years now and respect her as a person and hold her services as high quality that add tremendous value to my business. Having her on board has enabled me to set my numbers and understand my growth direction better. If your business needs a better structure and efficient cost effective ways to plan and grow with ease and clarity, she’s the one.

Mr Handtruck (Retail Supplier Warehouse firm)

Edwin Sanchez - President & CEO

Edith Flowers is a straight-shooter. In a world that is over-run with marketing and sales pitches, Edith takes the time to plan out the steps, set the goals, analyze what works for each individual business and makes progress happen for you. She is equally encouraged by your success as she is her own. She wants everyone to achieve the profits they deserve. Sincerity and passion. Everyone should work with Edith Flowers. 

Clear-cut Direction (Coaching Company)

Lea Oglesby - CEO

Edith is a trustworthy, knowledgeable and customer-focused financial advisor. She has helped me tremendously throughout the years.  She continuously keeps up-to-date on how we are tracking towards our plan and makes consultative suggestions when needed. With her support and expertise, I’m thrilled to have worked with Edith and would definitely recommend her to others!

Rick Rubin, Audacy Operations Inc.

Account Executive - Sales

I work with Edith Flowers on a regular basis with regards to the collection of funds from clients that have used our assets for marketing and advertising purposes. This is my 31st year in the business, and it is my distinct pleasure to work with her as a trusted and capable colleague. Her work ethic, character, willingness to help, and knowledgebase in the finance arena are unmatched. Additionally, she is trustworthy and reliable. Based on the 2+ years of me working with her, I would highly recommend her to any position that she deems worthy of applying to and/or dedicating her time to.

Greg Hughes, Audacy Operations Inc.

Director of Strategic Marketing

My biggest obstacle when I met with Edith was organizing my campaign. Using The New4P™ she gave me a holistic approach, across the entire daycare foundation and processes. She helped me fine-tune and focus on the key factors to build my brand and helped me visualize a plan that matched exactly what I want to accomplish. I really loved how she took me from where I was to a place where I was sure how to differentiate myself from my competitors and re-brand my company. Revamping and introducing a more professional image of my daycare and introducing stellar resources gave me clarity and a simple plan to success. The positioning and marketing message was so much clearer, appealing and attractive. I feel happy about my business and although I always knew I had a great daycare she has made it even better –  more sophisticated. I have a better structure, resilience in my industry and a deeper understanding how to reach my market and increase the revenue I have always dreamt of.  My marketing strategies and campaign ignited by The New4P™ is a huge success endeavor and I am now more competitive than ever!

D Little Angels Daycare (Daycare firm)
Lakeisha Small, RN - CEO & Owner

Amazing insight in this book model “The Biz Growth Booster”! This is an amazing revelation of me being the best that I can be. Learning to deal with my past and jumping into a healthy and productive future. I love this book and its work sheets. Immediate implementation!

WFG - Network Marketer, Edison NJ
Ulmata Bruce - Team Manager

As a start-up poised to launch very soon, working with Edith and The New4P™ was an eye opener for me. It effortlessly opened up a deeper understanding of a plan of action that provided a seamless blueprint to follow for the success of my company – a success that is tailored exclusively for my company and me as its founder. This intricate yet clear perspective has given me the advantage of championing the ideal solution for my market, my industry and my ideal customer. Now I’m able to project my brand in a fine-tuned and targeted fashion to my audience and know how to move forward and market my brand with predictive results

Neolaia FZE (Plant-based Skin Care Products firm)
Karen Sivertsen, PhD - President & CEO - Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

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