Edith Flowers

Director/Chief Executive Officer
Business Growth Managers, LLC – A Business Growth Agency

With characteristic boundless determination and focus, Edith Flowers has spent the past 20+ years empowering approximately a hundred companies globally across thirty industries with the tools to ensure desired growth.

As Financial Manager and Financial Controller for past employers and clients, Edith was entrusted to manage the budgets and financial activities of major six to eight figure accounts. She managed the portfolio of diverse accounts, such as federal accounts of the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Agriculture, and the accounts of Fortune 500 corporations, such as Cushman and Wakefield, Bloomingdales, TJX Companies, Target, JP Morgan Chase, TIAA CREF, Fidelis Care, and CB Richard Ellis Group. She also managed luxury brands, such as Tom Ford International, Estée Lauder, L’Oréal, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Armani and Omega. Moreover, Edith has a proven track record working with top executives, focusing on developing efficient systems for better financial reporting. Additionally, very early in her career, Edith built her stellar reputation working for exclusive A-list entrepreneurs and major corporations, such as a member of the Kennedy family, Columbia Medical Center, Pfizer Inc., the Village Voice and various other successful Wall Street entities.

Edith brings an impressive litany of honed skill sets that integrate her experience and educational background in sales, economics, customer service, logistic, product development, marketing, finance, HR, accounting and business administration – all of which she brings to bear in assisting her clients to realign their company along the path to greater success. While working with top executives and entrepreneurs and their companies, Edith developed a unique ability to intuit the patterns and traits of companies that were thriving, those that quickly rebounded from a downward trend, and those that stayed stuck or withered under pressure.

Through observation, research and analyses, Edith developed a formula known as The New4P™. This is what refocuses the trajectory of businesses and sets them not only on the path to exponential growth in profits but also increase paycheck for business owners. Since her focus has always been clarity, improvement and growth, she has rescued small startup companies from the brink of ruin while skillfully guiding many others towards steady growth in their industries and earning them the respect measured by a loyal customer following.

This record of success prompted her to establish Business Growth Managers, LLC, to share the mechanisms for success with other companies. Edith’s clients view her as a change agent and a “materializer of dreams” who is equipped with the expertise to effectuate meaningful and positive structural improvement for companies. Once her clients secure her services and partner with her to guide the future trajectory of their company, Edith immediately establishes the financial structures to better track and report on their company’s fiscal systems to devise internal strategies that better leverage market and industry growth.

Edith’s personal philosophy, that it is possible for all to broaden mental capacity and carve out a place, a path and a purpose, is the driving force behind her core values in business that center on corporate innovation, growth, and the notion that success is possible for all companies. Fueled by these core values, she is empathetic and passionate about helping those with dreams ignite their truest potential and become their personal best. Similarly, in business, she is passionate about helping companies climb to a greater plateau of success. Whatever the size or current financial health of your company, Edith has the drive, knowledge, commitment and proven skill to help your company succeed and to help you realize your dreams of corporate fiscal success and vitality.


As founder and director of Business Growth Managers, LLC, Edith Flowers is best known for her fearless strategies, attention to detail, out-of-the-box thinking, unprecedented levels of determination, super client service skills and leadership. She has leveraged these natural skills to continue to produce creative, elegant and effective solutions for her clients.

As a change agent, Edith is a “materializer of dreams” with the expertise to effectuate structural improvement in your company.  As a strategist financial analyst and forecaster, she has over two decades of experience building her reputation on rescuing failing businesses and improving systems to help companies scale and grow. Edith has an innovative skill to re-engineer business through organic business plans that activates maximum growth utilizing agile team building, intuitive branding and financial analytics. The MasterPlan™New4P™ and  Agile Sales Funnel™, are some of her inventions.

~ Written by Victoria Migochi

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